11 Charming Towns and Villas in Almería

The most charming towns and villages in Almería

The province of Almería is a great unknown for tourism. When we think of vacations, we think of spending a few weeks on its beaches, but is there something else? You are right! And we are going to tell you about it in this article about the most charming towns in Almería.

From this website, we invite you to visit some of the most beautiful and charming towns in Almería. Villas and towns located in unique and picturesque enclaves that have an architectural heritage of great value. Discover the beautiful towns of Almería

Whether you live in Almería or if you live near the province, we invite you to visit this selection of charming towns in Almería. You can spend a few different days with your family, away from the city, from the noise and traffic of the big cities.

1. Mojácar

Mojácar is part of the Association of the most beautiful towns and villages in Spain. Located in the east of Almería, Mojácar is a surprising town for tourists when they see it in the distance, thanks to its set of white houses around the foot of the Sierra de Cabrera. 

Mojacar Pueblo

This wonderful and beautiful town invites you to stroll through its narrow streets and discover incredible corners. Mojacar does not leave indifferent who visits it, in addition to its beaches it offers you rich gastronomy and nightlife. We are sure you will love it!